5 Apps for Jailbroken iPhone-Shrink, AndriodLock, iBlueNova, ProTapper and BTstack Keyboard

Written By Sam on 31 January 2010

Here are five more applications for your iPhone or iPod Touch handsets, which are certainly worth a try! But all the below applications require a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. If you haven’t yet jailbroken your iPhone then read the below articles on how to jailbreak your iPhone.

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Shrink 0.9.1 for iPhone and iPod Touch

Shrink is an application for jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch devices that enables users to downscale the size of the icons displayed on their SpringBoard. By shrinking the icon sizes, one can accumulate more number of icons on their main screen. Priced at $ 0.99, the updated version of Shrink comes with many bug fixes and includes new additional settings.

Features of Shrink for iPhone

  • The updated version of Shrink requires PreferenceLoader and conflicts with Stack. Though there is no better way to fix Stack you can try using CategoriesSB.
  • Shrink v0.9.1 is compatible with Backgrounder, WeatherIcon and LiveClock.
  • All the top icons are properly aligned. However we have to wait for the next update in order to have proper alignment for both top and bottom sections of the screen
  • Additional settings features for built-in dock reflections have been implemented in Shrink 0.9.1

AndriodLock for iPhone

If you want a unique locking system for your iPhone or iPod Touch, then AndriodLock is the application you need! Unlike the normal lock screen wherein you have to enter the 4 digit key or the password to unlock, AndriodLock provides you with a series of nine dots in a 3×3 square and all you have to do is to replicate a pre-set pattern to unlock the phone. You can customize and change the patterns accordingly by creating your own template available in AndriodLock. Though a cool plug-in, this unique locking system is not that secure and works only for the jailbroken handsets.

Drawbacks of AndriodLock

  • The AndriodLock occupies the entire screen unlike the normal lock screen which opens up upon sliding the unlock.
  • The 3×3 square grid occupies the complete screen hiding the important details in the background.
  • You have to turn off the IntelliScreen in order to use AndroidLock.
  • The size of the shading of the points cannot be reduced.

iBlueNova for iPhone and iPod Touch

All the iPhone or iPod Touch users can now rejoice transferring data via bluetooth, thanks to the iBlueNova application that makes Bluetooth data transferring possible. Being very much similar to “iBluetooth” application, iBlueNova is not a very new application for iPhone/iPod Touch, but with the new added features and support for iPhone 3GS and 3G running on firmware 3.x iBlueNova application is certainly more impressive.

iBlueNova features an easy to understand interface that makes sharing photos, music, ring tones and videos a simple task. The beta version of iBlueNova is currently under testing phase which clearly indicates that it would be very soon available through Cydia and all those who own an older version(iBluetooth) of the application can have a free upgradation to iBlueNova. The release date and the price of iBlueNova are yet unknown.

ProTapper for Jailbroken iPhone

ProTapper is a new application for your iPhone or iPod Touch handsets. Available for free in Cydia, ProTapper is a MobileSubstrate add-on that recreates a native function of the Palm Pre. ProTapper adds a white dot on the screen corresponding to the finger tap area by the users. Though ProTapper utilizes less RAM and is extremely simple to operate, it does not support Multi-Touch functionalities. ProTapper will be useful when you want to create screencasts or video tutorials on your iPhone.

BTstack Keyboard for iPhone

BTstack Keyboard has been updated recently and the latest version adds several new features. The BTstack Keyboard application allows you to use a Bluetooth keyboard with the iPhone or iPod Touch handsets thus enabling you to send emails, manage schedules more effectively from anywhere and at anytime.

Bluetooth Keyboard driver is based on BTstack Bluetooth Stack that supports various HID Keyboards including Apple Bluetooth keyboard, Freedom mini keyboard and Logitech dINovo Edge. BTstack Keyboard 1.0 runs on the jailbroken phones and can be downloaded from Cydia for a cost of $5.00.

Features of BTstack Keyboard for iPhone

  • Support for commands
  • Added support for WebKit-based applications.
  • Added support for – Home or Command + Up to pageup and End or Command + Down to pagedown.
  • Support for Hungarian keyboard format.
  • Support for keypad lock
  • Rejection problems for the use of broken links.
  • Number of additional bugs have been fixed.

If you have any other interesting apps for jailbroken iPhone then do share them with us through the comment section.

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