7Digital Awaits Apple’s Nod to Walk Head-to-Head with iTunes in the App store

Written By Sam on 21 October 2010

Digital Music Company 7Digital has announced the interest to tune in with one of its competitors Apple and has apparently submitted its app for review to the App Store. Ben Drury, CEO of 7Digital, revealed that the company has indeed approached Apple for a partnership deal, which could see iTunes store allowing music services of 7digital. The question is will Apple approve an iTunes competitor in the App Store? 7Digital is optimistic. And considering Apple’s recent lenient approach to apps, one can’t really negate the possibility.

Interestingly, Apple has already approved music services such as Spotify, We7, Shazam and Pandora in its stores. But the point to be noted is that none of these services pose any threat to iTunes as they don’t provide retail to digital song downloads.

One of the main advantages which Apple might have in giving a nod to 7Digital is that allowing a competitive distribution model for music within App store may be a more feasible option than revamping iTunes to brace up for the streaming revolution. But, the threats are obvious. For instance, 7digital app allows you to download content directly and connect directly to your device. This means that it competes directly with the iTunes model.

7digital promises wireless syncing, which is missing in iTunes and this might be not only a threat but also an embarrassment for Apple. Additionally, advanced features like availability of high quality tracks (up to 320kbps), no monthly subscription and plans to introduce streaming services in future can seriously challenge Apple’s monopoly in US.

7Digital, which was the first to offer DRM-free content from all four major labels, commands a market share over 70 percent in Europe and opened its store in US a year ago. To help this European giant, European commission, which has dealt with issues like Microsoft browser and platform issues, might come into picture to help this deal get through. As of now, only time can tell, whether Apple accepts the 7digital offer or it considers sleeping with the enemy as a bad idea.

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