Add Physical Keyboard to Your iPhone 4 With Nuu Mini-key

Written By Sam on 10 September 2010

If you are an iPhone 4 user who needs to type a lot, there is good news for you. A Hong Kong based accessory company called Nuu has developed a physical keyboard for iPhone 4 which will be priced at $69. It is an iPhone 4 case that doubles up as an iPhone 4 QWERTY slide out keyboard which uses the phone as an inclined screen. The adjustable hinge really converts the iPhone 4 into a flip model that looks sleek and has led to some excitement in the market.

This case also seems to resolve the antenna issues that were being faced by some of the iPhone 4 users. This elevated letter keyboard will make typing much faster compared to the touch screen and hence will work better for professionals and students alike who depend a lot on text messaging and mails. Video watching too would become a hands-free affair with this addition which has brought lot of relief especially to those users experiencing some frustration over sending SMS and email.

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