Apple CDMA iPhone For Verizon Coming in December

Written By Sam on 24 September 2010

Apple may launch its CDMA iPhone in January 2011, at least that’s what the grapevine would want you to believe. The company is expected to go into mass production in December and roll out over 3million Verizon-compatible, CDMA iPhones early next year. The smartphones are likely to be powered by Qualcomm LTE/CDMA chipsets.

Meanwhile, citing information from suppliers, Appleinsider claims that for the current quarter, the company is “set to build between 18.2 million and 18.4 million GSM-only iPhones”. Quoting analyst Jeffrey Fidacaro (Susquehanna Financial Group), the forum suggested, “Apple is prepared to build 3 million CDMA iPhones in December, keeping the device on track for an early 2011 launch. That would put total GSM and CDMA iPhone production for the quarter at between 21 million and 22 million”.

What’s more, Apple is also reportedly looking to increase its iPhones sale in Q4 by as much as 39 percent – that’s a figure of 11.6 million handsets as against the earlier estimated 8.4 million iPhones the company sold in Q3 of this fiscal.

Apple Insider further claimed the company had targeted to sell 7 million units of the iPad for the current quarter (an expected 56 percent increase from the previous quarter); but will manage to ship 4.75 million units, which would be still mean a 45 percent growth from the last quarter. There are more figures – “MacBook build rates are said to be at more than 3 million for the quarter, while production forecasts for the newly refreshed iPod line-up are at 12 million”. If the rumors are to be believed, the company will also ready “several hundred thousand units” of the new Apple TV for a December release. With so much reportedly in the pipeline, we will wait for a while longer to see if the reports hold any water.

via Apple Insider

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