Apple Extends iPhone 4 Return Policy to 30 days and Waives Restocking Fee

Written By Sam on 5 July 2010

Reception problems in iPhone 4 has been the hot discussion topic from past few days with Apple as well as Steve Jobs receiving many complains from the customers regarding the defective antennas. With response to complains, Apple has been constantly trying to convince the users by telling them the various root causes for the low signal strengths faced by them.

According to the latest update Apple has ultimately modified its return policy to every one’s delight. All the unsatisfied iPhone 4 users can now return it within a month of shipping date and Apple will not charge any restocking fees as earlier. 10% restocking fees which Apple charged as per the company’s previous policy has been modified for the customers, instead of which the users will be required to pay only $19.90 for returning 16GB iPhone 4 and $29.90 for 32GB iPhone 4 within 30 days of purchase.

Aiming to decrease the quantity of complaining emails about the signal reception issues, Apple not only modified its return policies but also will soon release a free software update for iOS 4 to fix the problem. Though we are unsure how well this update works out, we hope that all the users of iPhone 4 wait until the update is released!

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  1. some1 says:

    shouldn’t I just sue apple??

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