Apple Might Solve iPhone Antennagate Issue With Liquidmetal Technology

Written By Sam on 16 August 2010

The infamous “Antennagate” has hit the Apple Inc quite hard. Ever since, Apple seems to be concentrating on various materials for its antenna that would enhance its receptions. Finally Apple seems to have zeroed in on that material.

In an interview with Cult of Mac, Liquidmetal Inventor Dr. Atakan Peker said that “The amorphous metal alloys developed by Liquidmetal Technologies may be used in the design and development of Apple’s next generation wireless antenna”. The fact that the properties of Liquidmetal ensure that it is an excellent substrate for use as an antenna, may have prompted Apple to sign a broad licensing deal with this firm.

The properties various alloys that go into the making of Liquidmetal, ensure that it can be mould into complex designs and shapes. Liquidmetal technology is not new as it has been used in consumer goods like sports equipment, jewelry, casing of USB drives and mobile phones. Moreover, this technology has already been used in the antenna of Verizon USB727 wireless modem to a great degree of success that has enhanced its reception quality.

If you thought Apple was new to this technology, you would be in for a surprise again. Apple has already used this technology in its recently released Magic Trackpad.

Apple might have set its eyes not only for usage of this material for its antenna but also for complex casings for its iPhone, iPad and iPod. These amorphous metal alloys properties enable it to bend easily, suggesting that they can be used to build one piece foldable devices as well.

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via Cult Of Mac

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