Apple to Look into iOS 4 Performance Issues On iPhone 3G

Written By Sam on 30 July 2010

Following numerous complaints on Apple support forums and various tech blogs with regard to the performance issues of iOS 4 encountered by users of iPhone 3G, Apple has said that it is investigating the issue. In fact, these issues had been on the backburner as Apple was focusing on complaints about iPhone 4 antenna issues. BTW Apple is giving away free bumper cases for iPhone 4 users.

iPhone 3G users who had upgraded to latest iOS 4 have been facing 3 major issues,

  1. Performance is slow after an upgrade to the new OS
  2. Battery is drained quickly, hence requiring frequent recharge
  3. When in use, the phone is getting heated up very quickly

Although these issues are not uncommon in any other iPhone, the recurring issues have annoyed the iPhone 3G users making them vent out their ire on Apple Support forums. As such, the latest iOS 4 from Apple is great, but it is not compatible with older versions of iPhone, except the iPhone 3G and 3GS. However, features such as multitasking are not working on 3G.

Adding to these is another issue, those users of iPhone 3G who had upgraded to iOS 4 and wanting to downgrade to an older OS, are encountering problems as well. Downgrading to an older OS seems to be a difficult task. However, the only option seems to be restoring the iPhone to factory settings. This too is not without an issue, since restoring to factory settings deletes any information you have stored on your iPhone.

So if you haven’t yet upgraded your iPhone 3G to iOS 4.0 then do wait for sometime until Apple clearly comes out with a solution.

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