Call 1-888-FaceTime to Test iPhone 4 Video Calling (FaceTime) Feature

Written By Sam on 26 June 2010

Recently Apple announced its iPhone 4 with enticing features and one such feature is FaceTime. FaceTime is a new video calling feature embedded into Apple’s iPhone 4. This feature enables users ot make video calls from iPhone 4 to another.

FaceTime is still not live and all the enthusiasts can try as well as test by dialing the testing and support hotline number provided by Apple. If you are a iPhone 4 user, you can check this innovative feature out by dialing to the support hotline number 1-888-FACETIME. Before starting a FaceTime session, a representative from Apple will ask you, a couple of questions about the new phone and then you can not only get information about the new feature but also test the FaceTime in real. This hotline is currently working from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m. Central Time, make your calenders free and call them up for testing this latest feature on your handsets!

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