China Unicom Offering iPhone 4 and iPad Jailbreaking Service Along With Free Cases

Written By Sam on 29 August 2010

Recently we have seen about iPhone 4 Jailbreaking and the US Govt making iPhone Jailbreaking legal, but here is much more interesting news where China Unicom is offering Jailbreaking as part of their support service for newly purchased iPhone 4 and iPad. iPhone 4 and iPad promotion posters from China Unicom says that they provide “Support Service: Free SIM-Trimming, Jailbreak and installation of more than 10 hot apps.”

China Unicom will be selling the 32GB iPhone 4 with no contract at $6980 yuan (about $1025 USD) and the iPhone 4 16GB price is not known yet. The iPad pricing starts at $5680 yuan (about $835). Moreover customers will be getting free cases with iPhone 4 and iPad.

iPhone 4 was jailbroken using, but with iOS 4.0.2 that doesn’t work and that indicates that China Unicom will only be jailbreaking iPhone 4 which are at iOS 4.0.1.

via MIC Gadget

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