Create iPhone Apps Easily With iSites, Mobile Roadie, Appsfire, AppMakr and AppBreeder

Written By Sam on 24 January 2010

Now you can develop iPhone applications in a more simpler and easier way. Thanks to various available sources which makes development of iPhone apps a simple process. For all those desperate to create their own applications and wants to publish them on the App Store, here are 5 popular sources that will help to create iPhone Apps more effectively with less complexity in a short span of time.

iSites – Create iPhone App in 10 Minutes

iSites - Create iPhone App in 10 Minutes

iSites is a new service that allows the publishers to quickly build and manage applications for smart phones of multiple platforms like iPhone, Android and others simultaneously. Costing around $25 for a standard version or $99 for a year, iSites makes application building a straight and simple process. You have to just provide the required RSS feeds which are to be included in the application along with the necessary feeds from the web services like Twitter, Blogger, Flickr, and WordPress and then tweak the color schemes, logos and description of the application and one final click on the “Submit” will successfully display your application on the App Store.

With great user interactivity, iSites is uniquely versatile and very flexible that provides capabilities to custom applications in a simple way. iSites also enables to log into your iSites account and view the analytics of your application’s performance along with the most popular or most viewed content of your app.

Mobile Roadie – Simple and Inexpensive way to build iPhone Apps

Mobile Roadie - Simple and Inexpensive way to build iPhone Apps

Mobile Roadie is a simple and inexpensive service which enables you to build, manage and quickly customize iPhone and Android applications to the App Store. Mobile Roadie’s has an automated system that enables you to build applications and have them posted to Apple’s App Store within a short span of time, say a week or so.

Costing $399 for initial setup and then $29 a month after that, Mobile Roadie’s supports a many interactive features like photo galleries, streaming music that can be linked for purchase on iTunes, YouTube videos along with a new feature called ‘fan wall’ through which you can post comments and photos and also share them with your friends. Mobile Roadie’s also provides access to an intuitive CMS which makes updating photos,video, managing comments, and posting news, stories a more easy process.

Appsfire – iPhone App Creation Ecosystem

Appsfire - iPhone App Creation Ecosystem

Appsfire is an App creation ecosystem that enables you to create as well as build applications for iPhone. It provides effective analytic space for application creation and mainly emphasizes on the most simple and sophisticated tools or frameworks available for app building. This App creation ecosystem facilities you with various features which include Templated apps, Crowdsourced app creation, App Sketchers, App Framework, cross platforms, Publisher app and Vertical, using which you can customize applications as per the available pre-defined templates, transform your publications into an application, use global framework to build or port your application from the web, design offline sketch templates, create an applications for multiple mobile platforms and develop application formats for ecommerce and music.

AppMakr – Build iPhone Apps Very Easily

AppMakr - Build iPhone Apps Very Easily

AppMakr is another design engine which makes building iPhone applications more easier. AppMakr is very easy to use and takes only minutes to publish an iPhone app to the App Store. For publishing an application in the Apple Store, you have to just enter an URL or search term and after the system searches for feeds are obtained, place them into the browser and view the demos in the simulator as you build the application. AppMakr also enables you to grab logos from your disk or a URL and test applications on your own phone with Ad Hoc builds. The price of AppMakr is differentiated as $199 and $499 depending on the features enabled in the service. The applications built by AppMakr will have front pages displaying the Main feeds while the subsidiary feeds will appear when you tap buttons available at the bottom. Though the current templates do not allow “static” page implementations in applications, you can still rejoice adding various feeds including YouTube, Digg, and TweetMeme data.

AppBreeder – Online iPhone App Builder

AppBreeder - Online iPhone App Builder

AppBreeder is service using which you can build your own iPhone App online even without utilizing any coding skills or Mac. AppBreeder makes application building quite a simple process with many in-built App-Gadgets and App kits. You can easily write a blog or publish your applications on any of the App Store’s( iPhone, Blackberry or Android) within few minutes.

These are five popular services using which you can quickly and easily develop efficient iPhone applications and publish them onto the App Stores. If you have anything else to share please use the comment form.

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