Cydia Getting Ready For iOS 4.2 Jailbreak; New Features and Enhancements Coming Soon!

Written By Sam on 14 November 2010

Most awaited iOS 4.2 will soon be available for download and the powerful app store Cydia is reportedly ready for the latest iOS 4.2. Though not officially declared, rumors around indicate that Cydia will be available in conjunction with iOS 4.2 release and will promptly work on jailbroken handsets. For those unaware of Cydia, it is a most popular package manager that works on jailbroken Apple iDevices and allows users to browse and download applications.

iOS 4.2 is expected to bring in many changes for iDevices by introducing multi-tasking, folders, wireless printing and many more. After going through an overhaul of changes due to numerous API enhancements in iOS 4.2, Cydia is now ready for primetime use on iOS 4.2. Developers of Cydia did not reveal the changes integrated into Cydia, but we expect to it be more enhanced then the earlier version. Speculations indicate that Cydia may include Rock integration in this version, so let us wait, and see!

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