deviantART Muro Sketching App From DevianArt Based on HTML 5 For iPad and iPhone

Written By Sam on 15 August 2010

iPhone and iPad users can now create advanced designs without installing the Flash plugin. And this has been made possible by devianArt’s new webapp called “Muro”. Muro is a sketching app based on HTML 5 that does not use Adobe’s proprietary technologies to create complex advanced designs. It works well with all modern browsers.

devianART Muro is a wonderful, user-friendly app for iPad that allow you to draw something on the screen with your finger tip, rather than the mouse or track pad. What’s more, the default settings appear to have been optimized for the iPad’s browser. In addition to iPad touchscreens, Muro works very well with Wacom’s pressure-sensitive drawing tablets. However, you will need to install Wacom’s tablet data plug-in for it to work, but its worth a try.

Muro offers an exceptionally functional web application for creating impeccable 2D digital artwork. It works perfectly with Google Chrome and Safari on a Mac and equally well with Safari on an iPad and iOS 4 on an iPhone. To see how this web app works, you can visit Muro at, using a browser that supports HTML 5. However, in order to access more advanced features with additional layers and multiple brushes you will need to create a Free DeviantArt account and log in. So, get ready to dive into the world of Muro!!!

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