Download Adobe Mobile Powered by ScanR For iPhone

Written By Sam on 30 January 2010
Advertisements can be easily accessed anywhere from your iPhone through mobile application, an application by scanR. Users can save the scanned documents in the account, and once these documents have been stored, those documents can be viewed and shared through a simple tap from anywhere, at anytime. mobile can be downloaded for free from App Store, but the free version can only scan 5 pages and fax 2 pages, after which the application prompts the users to purchase additional scan and fax pages from in-apps purchase.

Download Adobe Mobile Powered by ScanR For iPhone mobile application by scanR can be used to capture physical documents, forms, notes and whiteboards digitally form your iPhone camera. Once you capture the images, they are converted automatically to genuine, searchable PDF files, stored and accessible on You can also share files with other people from your iPhone by sending a link to the shared file on The other interesting feature to mention is that mobile includes a fax service that can be used to send a fax to more than 90 countries. This is really a must have application for all the business people and managers.

Download iPhone App [iTunes Link]

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