Download Final Fantasy I and II for iPhone and iPod touch Priced at $8.99

Written By Sam on 27 February 2010

Users of iPhone and iPod Touch can now rejoice playing the iconically fantastic RPG series, the Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II from Square Enix on their handsets. With great story lines, interesting characters, spells Final Fantasy series was a successful franchise in early 80’s. Now, this fantabulous series optimized to the touch-interfaces is set leave us with spell bounded gaming experience through its amazing graphics, deep combats, revitalized sounds and icons.

According to the customer reviews of Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II, it seems that the applications could have been more impressive if certain defects were addressed. Some of the flaws identified in these applications are jotted down for your glance.

  • Users cannot flip the screen and as all the controls of the game are located on the left side of the handset making it uncomfortable to play the game with the headphones on.
  • The font of the application is sometimes very tiny and awful as well
  • The opacity of the Virtual D-pad cannot be adjusted which makes the controls look a lit clumsy.
  • Performance is not finely tuned and the users will experience inconsistent load times along with occasional crashes.
  • Users can also observe few glitches during the game play such as tapping on the Scott’s Ring holding on the stats will get the world map and tapping anywhere onscreen advances conversations, which are really annoying.

Anyhow, these minor glitches can be ignored to play the must have Fantasy series for any RPG-fan, Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II that are currently available on the Apple Store for $8.99 each.

Download Final Fantasy [iTunes Link]
Download Final Fantasy II [iTunes Link]

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