Download Firefox Home For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch To Access Firefox Desktop History

Written By Sam on 17 July 2010

Imagine you are researching a news item on your desktop in the confines of your home and suddenly you are running late for your office. What if you could leave the browser open, leave for office and still be able to access the tabs on your desktop. Sounds interesting? You can do that now thanks to “Firefox Home” application.

Firefox Home” is a content management and synchronization application. It is now available for free download on your iPhone as well as your iPad. One of the salient features of this application is that it lets you synchronize your iPhone with the latest Firefox browsing sessions on your desktop. In a way it is almost like having a Firefox browser on your iPhone.

Firefox Home” App will help you access various open tabs in your Firefox browsing sessions on your desktop. Additionally, it will also help you access the browsing history, passwords and bookmarks as well. However, data security is not an issue as the information is encrypted and can only be decrypted on entering a secret phrase.

In order to avail these features all you need to do is follow five simple steps listed below:

  1. Firefox Sync, an add-on for Firefox has to be installed on your desktop. This is available for free.
  2. Create a new account by following the prompts. Key in a password and a secret phrase.
  3. Install “Firefox home” on your iPhone by downloading it for free from iTunes.
  4. Launch this application on your iPhone. Enter the username, password and the secret Phrase and click on done.

Now that you are set, you are ready to get-up and go!!

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