Greenpois0n to Release on 10/10/10 at 10:10:10AM (GMT); Beware of Fake Greenpois0n Downloads

Written By Sam on 8 October 2010

When Greenpois0n Apple iOS 4.1 jailbreaking solution launches, it is expected to jailbreak all iOS devices, including the iPhone 4. Reports claim that Greenpois0n will be released on Sunday, 10 October at 10:10:10 a.m. These reports have stemmed from P0sixninja’s tweet on Thursday, informing “Things have progressed to the point where we don’t expect anymore roadblocks. ETA for Greenpois0n is 10/10/10 at 10:10:10AM (GMT).” Meanwhile, even as users wait for the download, a fake version, stuffed with malware, is floating.

Kaspersky Lab has noted that cybercriminals are “riding the buzz” around Greenpois0n; and also noticed a spate of fake ‘Greenpois0n’ Trojans. What’s more, a new fake greenpois0n iPhone iOS 4.1 jailbreak website is also up. It claims to have Greenpois0n download links for Windows/Mac and charges users $30 for the software.

For those waiting for the genuine Greenpois0n, here’s a thumbnail to save your day: if the solution is not free and not from the Chronic Dev Team, it’s not the real thing, and possibly a malware. Beware!

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