Download iMovie Video Editing App for iPhone 4 Priced at $4.99

Written By Sam on 25 June 2010

Apple has announced iMovie app for iPhone 4. iMovie will let you to do lot of things, it allows you make HD movies from any place. If you are in any special event, iMovie enables you to create video postcard of the event and you can also publish it to the web directly from your iPhone 4. Users can do this without leaving your event happening place. You can also make a movie of your birthday party and send it to your friends who were unable to come. They will be excited to receive the clipping amidst the party.

iMovie has many themes like Modern, Bright, Travel, Playful and News which you can choose for your videos. Each of these themes consist a matching set of transitions and titles in addition it also posses its own sound track. You have the option to modify the themes or swap them in your project. You can tap to add or record video right into your project and drag to trim the length of the various photos. To get a closer look ,pinch to zoom the time line and slide to scrub via the video in your project.

Music and Photos in iMovie

  • You have the option to select music included to match each of the iMovie theme else you can choose from your own song library.
  • To automatically lower the volume of the background music and highlight the audio from video, ducking can be enabled
  • Take pictures and put it in your project else you can also use the pictures in your own library.
  • “Ken Burns” panning effect is the special feature used to customize each of your photos.

Movie can be shared

  • Medium, Large or HD is three available sizes to export your movie.
  • Users can share the movie on the web in a MobileMe gallery or on YouTube.
  • Through Email and MMS you can movie to your friends and family.

iMovie has lot of interesting features and if you have a iPhone 4 then download iMovie App from iTunes App Store for $4.99.

Download iMovie App for iPhone [iTunes Link]

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