Download Instapaper For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch to Save Web Pages For Offline Reading

Written By Sam on 16 October 2010

Instapaper is an iOS application that prides itself as “a simple tool to save Web pages for reading later.” This description could not have denoted the app any better. It is apparently relevant to individuals who have a ardent browsing habit and for voracious readers. Instapaper would allow you tag all the interesting stories that you come across on –line to read them off-line at a more convenient time later and also in a number of compliant devices.

Just imagine you are in the office and you wish to read Tech news and the pressure of work does not allow you. Especially if your Boss or Senior Officer is breathing down your neck. What do you do? Simple bookmarking the page may not help because your bookmarks may be full and you may not remember later to read. Now, this is where instapaper comes in!

How does it work? You would first need to register an account on in your browser. Sorry this feature does not work on the mobile app yet. After you have created an account you’ll discover an applet on your desktop browser which you must drag onto your Firefox, Safari or Opera browser bookmark tools. (You should note that this may not work always with internet explorer or opera.) The result of this action is that it would add a “read later” to your bookmark list. Afterwards any time you visit any web page you like, you can click “Read Later” to send it to instapaper. Instapaper would then automatically retrieve the headline, full text, images and deliver to any of your devices in which the mobile app is installed. And of course this includes the iPod touch, iPhone, iPad and kindle. It is noteworthy that the app would store up to 250 articles and it would also work from your browser too. But on the browser, it would require an internet connection!

How much would it cost? There is a free app as well a paid version. The paid app costs £2.99 ($4.99). The difference in features between the free and paid versions of instapaper is not so significant. The free version does not support position remembering and tilt-scrolling. However other functionality are quite the same. The only compelling reason to buy the pro version is probably to support the future development of the application.

Pros Instapaper saves web pages often in formatted texts for offline viewing. It has support for iPhone, iPad, and Kindle. It is easy to install and use and there is both a free and paid version.

Cons Support for internet explorer not always the way you wish and yet to support other platforms.


Instapaper is a simple, intuitive and productive iOS application. The most important thing about it is that it always gets the job done and it does this elegantly. It is designed for off-line reading so if you are the type that delights in reading then this is for you. On the other hand if you are one who don’t care for reading web pages when you take that boring commuter bus home or while lazily waiting in a queue, then perhaps this isn’t for you. All that said, Instapaper is still an essential app for me. Its over-all usefulness makes for an instant recommendation for all owners of iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. You ought to down-load it and give it a try.

Download Instapaper Free [iTunes Link]
Download Instapaper [iTunes Link]

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