Fake 3.1.3 Baseband 05.12.01 Jailbreaking Apps- Gull1hack, SpartanBr3ak and br0k3n_appl3

Written By Sam on 1 March 2010

All the iPhone and iPod Touch users who desperately wanna Jailbreak their phones on 3.1.3 firmware beware of the dramatically increasing fake Jailbreaking utilities for 05.12.01 baseband on the Internet. These fake Jailbreaking tools run malicious code on your computer or handset that not only affects the performance but also fills-in various viruses into it causing great horrid!

Most notable recent fake Jailbreaking utilities include Gull1hack, SpartanBr3ak and br0k3n_appl3. Gull1hack developed by an eighteen-year-old German is one messed application that boosted the possibility of jailbreaking devices running on the new 05.12.01 baseband. The iPhone-Dev Team has confirmed Gull1hack as a fake tool. Though not an harmful tool (Thanks to the developer!) once downloaded, Gull1hack disables your mouse for 30 seconds and then opens a page full of Google Ads, thus fooling around people and requesting them not to run programs without properly knowledge on the functions or producers of the applications.

Boosting many great aspects, the SpartanBr3ak that requires .NET framework and 1GB RAM to be downloaded, is a Jailbreaking tool for iPhone or iPod Touch currently under maintenance. Based on observations made, this utility is not approved by the iPhone-Dev team and according to many tweets it a harmful application that would severely affect the performance of your iPhone and iPod Touch handsets. Br0k3n_appl3 application is another failbreaker that might adversely affect the performance aspects of your iPhone or iPod Touch. All these fake jailbreaking tools promise you the possibility to unlock iPhone 05.12.01 baseband.

Few tools like redsn0w, sn0wbreeze, PwnageTool, ultrasn0w and blacksn0w confirmed as working properly can be utilized for Jailbreaking and Unlocking your iPhone and iPod Touch handsets. On the other hand, there are various untrusted and unverified applications in the Internet that cause adverse affects to the core handset features, hence we suggest all the Jailbreakers to be very cautious whilst downloading these malicious tools!

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