How to Check Firmware Version of iPhone or iPod Touch Manually or Using iH8sn0w’s F0recast

Written By Sam on 18 October 2010

To be able to install and run third party applications on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you first need to know what version of firmware your device is using. Only then can you jailbreak it with the latest tools and applications. Here’s how you find out: All you need is iH8sn0w’s F0recast tool. It’s a very handy and checks for you the serial, Baseband, Bootloader, Model and Firmware version of your iDevice.

It’s a simple to use and comes with a user-friendly interface.

Just download the tool at for Windows

or at for Mac and install following the default instructions.

How to Find iPhone and iPod Touch Firmware With F0recast

Plug in your iPhone through the USB cable and launch f0recast to view the firmware version of your iPhone / iPod Touch. You will find the model and firmware version visible at the bottom of the F0recast window. Yes, it’s that simple.

How to Find iPhone and iPod Touch Firmware Manually

Another way to do it is, navigate to Settings->General->About of your device and see the firmware value against the label ‘Version’. There’s nothing to it. Once you know the firmware version of your device, you can proceed to jailbreak and install third party applications and enhance the features of your device.

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