Firefox Home Now Available in 15 Languages, Comes With URL Search Bar and Custom Servers

Written By Sam on 21 September 2010

Have you checked the new Firefox Home 1.0.2? The mobile app that brings bookmarks, tabs, browsing history to your iPhone has gone worldwide with support for 15 languages, including French, German, Japanese, Polish and Spanish. From a cursory glance at Firefox Home, it looks like the free app will help you accomplish much of what you do on your PC from your handsets. By adding a free Firefox add-on called Firefox Sync, the app allows users to have access to PC information such as browsing history, bookmarks, open tabs and saved passwords from Firefox-enabled mobile devices. Using cloud technology, the app synchronizes your iPhone with your PC when you start the app.

And if you do not want to rely absolutely on the sync feature, the app also allows users the option to search for URLs that you may not find in your bookmarks or may not figure in your browsing history. You can now type in the site’s URL into the search bar and Firefox Home will help you get there. The app is essentially for Firefox fans with an iPhone and does not work on multiple browsers and devices. Essential pre-requisites for the app are a Firefox Sync account, to set up and use Firefox Home on your iPhone, and OS 3.1 or higher.

Download Firefox Home [iTunes Link]

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