Limera1n exploit-based GreenPois0n Jailbreaks Apple TV 2 Running on iOS 4.1; No ETA Yet!

Written By Sam on 20 October 2010

Big announcements coming from the Chronic Dev Team in the form of Posixninja’s latest Twitter messages:

“Ohai AppleTV

“Credits go to @nitoTV, @dhowett, and @westbaer for the awesome AppleTV loader”

Translating the above, the Limera1n exploit-based GreenPois0n tool has finally jailbroken the second-generation Apple TV running on iOS 4.1. For those hesitant about taking a Tweet for a confirmation, the Chronic Dev Team members also posted an image to substantiate their claim. The image shows a custom loader with a background on the Apple TV, running iOS 4.1.

The screenshot also shows an option to ‘Inject software’. So, Apple TV 2 owners planning on a jailbreak can hope to use this tool to their advantage and load (inject) third party software on their iOS 4.1 device without much hassle.

However, like in the case of Limera1n, this tool is yet to find its real use as there are no apps that users can install at this point. But the news spells abundant work for Cydia developers in the near future.

Probably still sore after the first experience of giving an ETA, the Chronic Dev Team has not revealed any date for the release for this version of GreenPois0n with Apple TV support. However, news is the team is making rapid progress and it should not be long before we hear about the final producr. Watch this space for more.

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