Chinese Apple Fans Queue Up For iPhone 4 Launch, Contract Free iPhone 4 Costs 4,999 Yuan (16GB) and 5,999 Yuan (32GB)

Written By Sam on 25 September 2010

China woke up one Saturday morning to the launch of the Apple iPhone 4. This event attracted a massive crowd to the company’s stores in Beijing. More than 1000 people were said to have lined up just outside Xidan City Shopping Mall, which is one of the Apple stores that attracted part of the mammoth crowd. It was discovered that some of the customers had waited as long as two days to get their hands on one of the exquisite iPhone 4!

Reports said that the first person in the line, Yu Zhong Hui had this to say, “Physically, it’s been painful. But mentally, I’m very happy,” Yu allegedly began waiting outside the store two days earlier at about 5 a.m. “When you want something, you have to pay a price. The price I paid is that everyone has had to see me wait out here.” With the high demand for the iPhone 4, the shopping mall had to allow individuals waiting overnight to purchase their device to sleep in the shopping mall’s hallway. A few had to drape blankets around their bodies during the long vigil while others played cards or took photos of the large crowd with their cell phone who were actually in line, and many said that it was worth it.

“It’s like waiting in line to see a movie star,” said 26-year-old Sun Jian Kuan, who is a systems engineer. “No phone can best the iPhone.” It is however interesting to note that the launch of the iPhone 4 in China appeared to have attracted much more customers than the previous iPhone releases. Even despite all the initial hullaballoo about the iPhone 4’ problems, inclusive of faulty proximity sensors and “antennagate”, the iPhone 4 was still able to garner this much crowd in its launch in China. One would then have to run into some conclusions that perhaps the initial hype about the iPhone 4’s woes may have been over bloated by the media. Apple, as usual offered no official figures on the iPhone 4 sales, but China Unicom, one of the mobile carrier for the device, has reported that 50,000 users signed up for an iPhone 4 on the first day of pre-orders. This figure is way much higher than 5,000 devices that were sold through China Unicom in the first few days after the iPhone 3GS and 3G went on sale in China last year.

In light of the above, it becomes clear that the launch of the iPhone 4 in China appears to have attracted more customers than Apple’s release of its previous iPhones. Compared with the Apple 3G that took two years for its launch in China after two years in sales in the US, the iPhone 4 went on sale in China this time around only after 4 months of release in the US. The price of the iPhone 4 without a contract is 4,999 yuan ($744 USD) for the 16GB model and 5,999 yuan ($893 USD) for the 32GB model. When asked by CNN, Linda Hou, a 31 year old mum had this to say; “A lot of people want to buy the Apple. It is a famous brand. Some people want to buy it because it is fashionable and some because of its function”. “All of these people are Apple fans; it means that Apple has a lot of fans in China.” Says Ma Ming, 23, who bought two iPhone 4s on Saturday morning, PCworld noted.

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