iPhone 4 Features Engineered Glass, Retina Display, Apple A4 Processor, Gyro, Accelerometer and Multi-Touch

Written By Sam on 9 June 2010

Apple announced about the iPhone 4 in the WWDC 2010 which has got many interesting and new features. While creating the all new Apple iPhone 4, Apple developers started off with their 3 years of experience designing these high end gadgets, which has changed the world of mobile technology. iPhone 4 is the best outcome of their engineering techniques and experience, making it world’s thinnest smart phone around 9.3mm thickness.

Some of the notable features of iPhone 4 includes Engineered Glass, Retina Display, Stainless Steel Band, Apple A4 Processor, Gyro + Accelerometer, Camera + LED, Mic + Speaker and Multi-Touch.

Best Engineered Glass

The technology of the Apple developers is even shown in the glass used by them; it is an aluminosilicate glass, the same one used in windshields of helicopters and high-speed trains. It is a very tuff end glass which makes the screen scratch resistant and durable than any other glass in its class. The best part is it’s recyclable.

Revised Stainless Steel Band

The steel band used in new Apple iPhone 4 is five times stronger than standard stainless steel and it acts as a joining point for all its internal components. It provides strength to the device as well as acts as an antenna for the iPhone 4.

New Retina Display

iPhone 4 comes with a very high pixel density of around 326 pixels per inch, and 960×640 backlit LCD display and is almost four times more than the previous models of iPhone. The pixels are so finely shaped that one cannot differentiate between them. The technology used here by the apple engineers is the same one used in Apple LED Cinema Display and iPad. It makes the text look very bright and crisp clear from every angle.

Apple A4 Processor

It is an incredible chip designed by the apple developers, very powerful at the same time power efficient processor. One of the best mobile processor, it helps iPhone 4 perform all the complicated multitasking and run the complex FaceTime application.

Camera With LED Flash

The all new Apple iPhone 4 comes with a 5MP camera and the in built LED flash makes the videos look same whether they are shot in bright or low light due to its backside illumination sensor.

Gyro + Accelerometer

The new Apple iPhone is the world’s first phone with an in-built three axis gyroscope. It is stated that when iPhone 4 is paired with any accelerometer, it becomes capable of rectifying advance motion sensing such as angular velocity, acceleration and rotation rate. This is mainly focused for the users to have a better gaming experience.

Multi-Touch Display

iPhone 4 comes with an 3.5″ wide screen display which lets its users control all its latest software just by a finger touch. It has a panel arranged with electrical fields on the top of the glass which senses your touch. The special features of the screen includes pinch to zoom, two-finger tap and many more.

Mic + Speaker

The all new Apple iPhone 4 comes with two microphones, which makes it very much different from others. The main mic is given at the end of the phone, very next to the speakers used mainly for video commands and FaceTime calls. The other mic is located on the top near the headphone, makes the phone calls much better with noise cancellation. It works in sync with the main mic given at the bottom, this dual mic system has been designed to regulate noise suppression and make the conversation better.

All these features will definitely make the iPhone 4 yet another great device from Apple. Stay tuned to TechHail to know more about iPhone 4.

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