Fifth-Gen iPhone Rumored to be in Final Stages of Testing; May Launch on Verizon in Early 2011

Written By Sam on 21 October 2010

Various sources close to Apple have confirmed that a fifth generation iPhone device is in the final stages of testing and it is expected to be launched on Verizon in early 2011. This phone is rumored to be a CDMA-compatible iPhone. Verizon however has not confirmed this news so far.

One of the ways to identify iPhone devices supported by iOS is to check the file USBDeviceConfiguration.plist. A model code usually denotes a device; which contains the name of the device, a major revision number followed by a minor revision number. Three separate fourth-generation iPhone devices; iPhone3,1; iPhone3,2 and iPhone3,3 were denoted in iOS 3.2. iPhone 3,1 was confirmed when the iPhone 4 was brought to the American shores while nothing concrete has been established about the other 2 phones.

iPhone3,2, which is under ‘AP’ staging right now is said to possess some new interesting features. It may have a SIM slot although it is known that CDMA doesn’t support SIM for connecting devices. One can defend that SIM might help global roaming capabilities; but this defense is not good enough as this will lead to more complication. Also, sources close to Apple say that unlike current model, the new iPhone will not have the same attenuation.

This new iPhone 3,2 is said to be a deliberate design to support major carrier frequencies, namely Verizon and AT&T.

iPhone fans have one more reason to rejoice because even iPhone 5 is said to be in the ‘EVT’ stage of the development cycle. Though it is not expected to be launched anytime before early 2011.

via BGR

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