Jailbreak iPhone 3GS/3G With 3.1.3 Firmware Using Sn0wbreeze 3.1.3-v1.3

Written By Sam on 5 February 2010

If you are a iPhone 3GS or iPhone 3G user and updated your firmware to 3.1.3, here is a good news for you. A new version of Sn0wbreeze is released which can be used to jailbreak iPhone 3GS/3G on 3.1.3 firmware. The latest version Sn0wbreeze 3.1.3(sn0wbreeze 3.1.3-V1.3-iPhones.exe) can be used to jailbreak iPhone 2G, 3G and iPhone 3GS(older bootrom non-MC model). If you are a iPhone 3GS user with 3.1.3 stock firmware (original unmodified firmware) then you are still out of luck! The current version of sn0w breeze can only be used for iPhone models and if you have iPod Touch on 3.1.3 firmware then you need to use redsn0w 0.9.4.

Procedure to Jailbreak iPhone on 3.1.3 Firmware With sn0wbreeze

  • Download iTunes and take a backup of all your data. This will be useful to restore your data back after the unlocking process or even if something goes wrong.
  • Download sn0wbreeze 3.1.3 for Windows.
  • Also Download the iPhone OS 3.1.3.[Download iPhone OS 3.1.3 for iPhone and iPod Touch(Direct Download Links)]
  • Run sn0wbreeze and select the “Simple Mode”. If you need more options then select the “Expert Mode”.
  • You will now be asked to browse for the .ipsw file. Select the iPhone 3.1.3 firmware and sn0wbreeze will verify the ipsw file that you have selected.
  • Once the file is verified you need to click the blue button present on the right bottom. Sn0wbreeze will now ask you “Do you want to activate your iPhone?”. Click “Yes” if you want to hactivate your iPhone or “No” if you are on an official carrier.
  • Click “Start” when you are ready to make your IPSW.
  • Once the process is completed you will be shown “sn0wbreeze seems to have successfully created your IPSW, this file will be located on your desktop”.
  • Now you have to restore your iPhone with the custom 3.1.3 firmware that you have created with sn0wbreeze 3.1.3.
  • Connect your iPhone 3G[S], and Enter Recovery Mode. Now launch iTunes to restore your iPhone with the custom Firmware built by sn0wbreeze. Hold down SHIFT while clicking the RESTORE button in iTunes.
  • Now browse and select the custom IPSW file that was created and click on β€œOpen”.
  • iTunes will restore the custom firmware and this might take around 10 mins.
  • After that your iPhone will restart automatically and will be jailbroken.

Once you are done with jailbreaking your iPhone you can unlock it to use any SIM card.

40 Responses to “Jailbreak iPhone 3GS/3G With 3.1.3 Firmware Using Sn0wbreeze 3.1.3-v1.3”

  1. Liu kang says:

    I got an iPhone 3gs original firmware is 3.0.1
    and I was accidentally upgraded the new firmware 3.1.3
    so. This time try to jailbreaking on my iPhone 3gs
    does it posible to make it jailbroken? Before that I was tried to downgrade the
    firmware 3.1.3 back to 3.0.1 but it’s couldn’t restore back up to 3.0.1.
    And now I was screw up! Can I get some help for this????

  2. zaw says:

    this process really can jail broken to FW 3.1.3 ?

  3. elib says:

    fuck i even didnt knw somehow my version been updated by 3.1.3!!!!!
    i tried with snowbreeze but didnt understand what is .ipsw file n where do i get this1 while using snowbreeze?????
    u gotta help me mate..thaks

  4. Shahid says:

    I forgot my fone lock passwoed and restored and it was upgraded to 3.1.3 i tried snowbreeze to unlock and jailbreak but no luck

  5. mdg says:

    Did not work for me. I tried three times.

  6. Abdullah says:

    I tried the obove procedure for iPhone 3.1.3 3GS but error #1604 appeared on iTunes when doing restore, and then the restore was interrupted each time I reaeated the the restoration,
    please advise

  7. Immy says:

    I couldn’t do it either. Please find another way for me please.

  8. Jdawg says:

    When do you think the iphone 3gs 3.1.3 jailbreak will be available?

  9. Andrea says:

    Any news on a jailbreak for 3gs 3.1.3 with new bootrom?

  10. jenny828 says:

    i was on a t-mobile carier and accidentally upgraded my iphone 3G to 3.1.3. i have successfully jailbroken it, but i can’t unlock it using this tutorial. it constantly says “no service”… what should I do? πŸ™

  11. Jiffer says:

    Hello all maybe this will help you with your problems, First off I kinda on mistake hit the update button on the itunes to update my iPhone to 3.1.3 Umm lets just say when you do this THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY TO DOWNGRADE YOUR FIRMWARE TO A EARLIER TIME, THANKS APPLE! So in the mean time hold tight while everyone works on a way to break the new 3.1.3 Firm Ware update. If you are new and thinking of upgrading your phone to 3.1.3 I WARN YOU NO ONE UPDATE TO 3.1.3 FIRMWARE ONCE YOU DO THERE IS NO GOING BACK!!!!! Best Wishes to others with the 3.1.3 problem, I feel ya bros.

  12. Alex says:

    I try to jailbreak using snowbreeze and i told extecly what they said in on the list but no luck can someone help

  13. re2am says:

    I’m having 3gs iphone 3.1.2 originally but update it to 3.1.3 .. and this way to jail break it doesn’t work well ..
    I hope it will be there a way to jail break it soon !

  14. Isuru De Silva says:

    It says that “You will now be asked to browse for the .ipsw file. Select the iPhone 3.1.3 firmware and sn0wbreeze will verify the ipsw file that you have selected.”

    My question is where can i find the .ipsw file? Because I tried to browse through my computer but it wasnt there.

  15. genier says:

    the is bs i downloaded the ispw but its compressed and when i extract it all of it doesnt get extraced and snowbreez does not recognize or cant find the ispw on my comp someone help

  16. LPM says:

    Change the file type from .zip to .ispw

  17. Subodh says:

    How do u change the file type from .zip to .ipsw? also, has anybody successfully jail broken the 3.1.3 os and used it with other carrier?

  18. Akshay says:

    I get an error “Unknown Error (1600) and it doesn’t work! Help!

  19. kimbyslice says:

    i downloaded everything and followed all the instructions, and snowbreeze still wont recognize my .ispw i browse, find it click open and it just keeps opening to an empty folder! can someone help? did i miss something?

  20. Bigdaddyg09 says:

    First off. U can downgrade back to 3.1.2 from 3.1.3. I did with my 3gs. It’s complicated but do-able. But my bro. Jailbroke his 3.1.3 with redsnow. I dunno. He said.

  21. Bigdaddyg09 says:

    Just keep trying cause there are ways to do anything. Just back up ur phone if u can. Cause u can really screw things up. Believe me, I have and it took me hours of research to fix my iPhone.

  22. Jill says:

    i have an old bootroom and i did everything it told me i have an iphone3gs with 3.1.3 firmware and it days error occured after restoring. what do i do?

  23. rehman says:

    i try sevral time export mode simple mode both but when i restore the .ipsw image is gave error 1006 some thing like thiss error can any one help me plz my e mail tanha_890@yahoo.com

  24. kaan says:

    I tried but it didin’t work so it seems there is no way to jail break for 3gs 3.1.3 frmwr but thax hope we will make it soon can’t wait to use my iphone with jail break again πŸ™

  25. mtw says:

    Has anyone successfully downgraded and unlocked their 3G iPhone? Seems from the comments that the method above doesn’t work.

  26. FerhatYildirim says:

    I completed every stage successfully except until I got to the ‘restoring from itunes holding shift’. I help shift, clicked on restore to find and locate custom created file and then it displays a message ‘not compatable’. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hurry up and come up with a way to jail break fucking 3.1.3 3g iphone PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  27. fraser says:

    Ok so where is the ipsw file?????? ive “browsed” my computer but i cant find it, any ideas as to where it might be saved or what the file is entitled as?

  28. Trish says:

    i was on a t-mobile carier and accidentally upgraded my iphone 3Gs to 3.1.3. i haven’t successfully jailbroken it because while rebooting it got turn off so what should i do ?? Now there is nothing on my phone no version, nothing… i have restore and update on itune but the problem is that i can’t jailbreak 3.1.3 version =(

  29. caleb gracia says:

    when it is creating it all you have to do is click the x button not ok so that it continues thats wat i did and it worked

  30. bon3 says:

    fraser your so dumb. go to my computer you know that folder to show all your hidden files underneath it there is a check box, it says use extentions for known file types. uncheck that and then rename your file from .zip to .ipsw.
    anyway enough of your dumb problem.
    i have an iphone 3.1.3 with the new boot rom tried this did not work it just kept saying this device cannot be something downgraded or something, how can i make it work i fml

  31. Alfred says:

    I have against better knowledge updated my 3G to 3.1.3. Now when I try to restore the jailbroken file I keep getting 1604 error message.
    Anybody any idea what to do. I have changed cables and computer – same result.

  32. Ferdinan says:

    I have a problem in the end of the process, show me and “error Number 1600”
    Anybody any idea what to do

  33. B says:

    Ok,so i bought this iPhone 3.1.2 which is blocked and had O2 carrier.i Jailbroke it but cant unblock it,any thing i should know? Plus Somethings gonw wrong with the WiFi as well. suggestions please!!! πŸ™

  34. Franjo Markovic says:

    After failing to work with my 3.1.3 (error 1600) I gave up and restored original apple 3.1.3. Then I tried SpiritJB and it jailbroke my phone in a minute! Happy.

  35. Sandeep says:

    Hi All,

    I have version 4.0.1 on my iPhone3G but when I tried to use redsn0w it isn’t working.It is displaying “Unable to recognise specified IPSW”.Can any one help me out with this.


  36. Chan jun says:

    Thanks for using jailbreak

  37. haziq says:

    hi all,

    i have iphone 3g 16gb. when i restore iphone its give some error # 1604.
    my phone is locked due to downgrade firmware 4.2.1 to 3.1.3.
    i use this method but at the end i received error message.

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