Jailbreaking and Unlocking iPhone OS 4.0 (4G), iPhone 3.2 and 3.1.3 Firmware

Written By Sam on 16 March 2010

iPhone, the most popular invention of year 2007 released on 29th of June is the best smartphone ever designed by Apple Inc. iPhone created a history in the mobile industry with its fantabulous features and amazing design. From past few days, Jailbreaking and Unlocking of the iPhone are the most discussed topics in all the Tech Blogs and Websites. Jailbreaking is a process that allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to run any code that is not authorized by Apple that enabling them to download and access applications previously unavailable from the authorized App Stores. Unlocking is the process which helps you to use your iPhone with any SIM card. To unlock your iPhone, you need to first jailbreak it. People are also looking for iPad Jailbreaking Tools which would help them to install 3rd party Apps.

Radical and rigorous Hacking procedures began when George Hotz (geohot) first developed the complete, hardware-based hack to unlock iPhone, and documented the procedure on his blog on August 24th, a procedure that got translated into several solutions ultimately resulting in a permanent jailbreaking tool for iPhone OS 1.0. In order to overcome this jailbreaking process, Apple announced firmware upgradation to 1.1.1 as well as released first-gen iPod Touch. However, the hackers were smart enough to break this as well.

Then came in the Apple iPhone 2G followed by 3G and 3GS along with iPod Touch 2G and 3G models, which could not either escape from the jailbreaking community. Many tools such as QuickPwn, PwnageTool, Quick Freedom, redTool, purplera1n, sn0wbreeze, redsn0w, blacksn0w and blackra1n developed by the hackers were available in the market that could easily jailbreak the devices pulling out the loopholes in the iPhone OS.

The hackers using various tools and simple procedures successfully unlocked Apple iPhone 2.0 and iPhone OS 3.0 firmwares released into the market in years 2008 and 2009 respectively. At recent times, Apple announced another update OS 3.1.3 that not only closed the loopholes used by blackra1n or redsn0w but also upgraded the base band to 05.12.01. This firmware updragation was however tethered for iPhone 3GS and iTouch 3G by the Dev-team. Major concern now is whether the hackers will be able to hack the iPhone OS 4.0 and if so who will be the first person do it. Other interesting question that arises the curiosity of the Apple fans is whether Apple is set to release OS 3.2 before release of iPhone OS 4.0. Apple did not make any announcements regarding the upcoming upgrades and every one of us must anticipate until Apple unleashes it!

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