Next Gen Apple iPhone HD (4G) Teardown Analysis and Images Reveals Bigger Battery and Shrunken Components

Written By Sam on 21 April 2010

Before returning the iPhone HD to Apple, Gizmodo has teared down the iPhone HD(4G), Analyzed and posted the images of iPhone 4G prototype they obtained. The teardown analysis of iPhone HD revealed many new features. The most important thing to note here is that there are three separate places, inside the case, where APPLE is written prominently which clearly confirms that the prototype belongs to Apple.

Apple iPhone HD teardown analysis shows that it had larger battery which is around 19% larger than that of the iPhone 3GS. Because of the new style logic board similar to iPad not much information is known related to the processor and memory. There are a total of around 40-50 screws inside the iPhone HD which are positioned at various angles that are almost frustratingly impossible to get to.

Apple iPhone HD Teardown Images

via Gizmodo

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