Apple’s Plan to Integrate Reprogrammable SIM Cards into iPhones Abandoned; Chip May Find Use in iPads Instead

Written By Sam on 24 November 2010

The iPhone is tied to wireless carriers through the Apple connection, limiting a user’s choice. It was reported that Apple planned to modify the iPhone with reprogrammable SIM cards to break the specific tie up and enable a user to select a carrier of his choice to activate the device. The plans were reportedly abandoned once mobile operators threatened to stop selling the device. As the situation stands mobile operators pay full cost of the phone to Apple. However, they give the device free of cost to the user once a two-year contract is signed by him.

This foray into developing a SIM card was apparently a move by Apple to build closer relationships with customers and remove its slightly negative image. However, the threat by mobile operators has made the company shelve this line for the iPhone, but not altogether since the SIM may find use in future iPad’s. The novel thing about this SIM is that it is reprogrammable, which means the device can be activated at the store on the clients choice of carrier’s network. Apple was, as a matter of fact, planning to introduce new iPad’s with the integrated SIM at the end of this year or early next year according to news reports. This plan may meet with success since the iPad is not tied to any mobile operator. The only difference in the expected iPad is that the “lock” button on the right hand side will be modified into a “mute” button like the one on the iPhone.

Let us hope the expected release of the iPad with this mod this December or early next year makes life easier for a lot of customers.

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