Security Hole in iOS 4.1 May Trigger Release of iOS 4.1.1; Apple to Patch Untethered Hacks

Written By Sam on 27 October 2010

Have you heard of the security hole in iOS 4.1 (and iOS 4.2 beta as well) yet? Well, it allows a user to bypass the iPhone passcode lock, enabling them to make calls, access contact info, send e-mail messages, recent call history and even voice messages. Bypassing the passcode requires no special effort and can be accomplished through the following steps:

  1. Lock your iPhone with a passcode
  2. Press emergency call
  3. Enter a non-existent number
  4. Tap the call button following it by immediately pressing the lock button
  5. This should open up the phone app where you should be able to see the contacts, numbers and other details.

Meanwhile, there is buzz that Apple may soon release iOS 4.1.1 and close this gaping security hole. If this is true, then it would be logical to expect the company to also patch untethered hacks from Comex used in Limera1n and GreenPois0n jailbreaks. The two tools may still be able to jailbreak the iPhone, but users may need to re-jailbreak once the device is rebooted.

So, to keep your jailbreak untethered, it would be make sense not to update to the new iOS 4.1.1 and save the SHSH blobs for the moment.

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