Take 7MP and 5MP Photos on iPhone With 7.0 Megapixel Camera + Zoom iPhone App

Written By Sam on 13 July 2010

You can now turn your iPhone into a powerful camera using 7.0 Megapixel camera + Zoom that enable users to rejoice high-resolution photography. CrowdCafé’s 7.0 Megapixel Camera + Zoom features an algorithm to create larger file from your iPhone camera though it does not appear to create much better looking images as promised.

7.0 Megapixel camera + Zoom app uses an algorithm that enlarges files from your iPhone camera. Including 7.0 MPX and 5.0 MPX Modes, Timer, and Time Lapse features, this can all be activated on the bottom menu bar. Other modes of this app include Zoom Mode, Standard mode, Instant Review and Send, Big Button Shutter, On-the-go Saving.

Experts suggest that a higher Mega pixel camera need not guarantee a better quality pictures, however they will allow users to take pictures in extra high resolution of 3180×2385 (compared to 1600×1200 with standard camera) resulting in smooth photos for posting on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Picasa or any online photo sharing community. If you want to give this low priced application a trial before opting for another iPhone featuring upgraded camera, then you can purchase it online!

Features of 7.0 Megapixel Camera

  • 7.0 MPX and 5.0 MPX Modes
  • Zoom Mode and Standard Mode
  • In-built Timer mode and Time Lapse mode
  • Instant Review & Send
  • Big Button Shutter
  • On-the-go Saving

Download 7.0 Megapixel camera + Zoom App [iTunes Link]

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