Unlocked iPhone 4 and iPhone 4 With AT&T Contract Available on eBay

Written By Sam on 17 June 2010

Even though the iPhone 4 pre-order process was a big disaster, Apple completely sold out iPhone 4’s on the pre-order launch day. Even though if you had missed the pre-order of iPhone 4, you can still get it easily through eBay. A simple search for “iPhone 4” on eBay gives hundreds of results and you can choose from – “Apple iPhone 4 32GB (AT&T)”, “Apple iPhone 4 16GB (AT&T)” and “Apple iPhone 4 (Unlocked)“.

Though iPhone 4 is not yet in the hands of people, there are many iPhone 4’s for sale on eBay. The prices of iPhone 4 on eBay ranges from $550 to $950. There are also certain items that are priced at $5000 and $1000. I’m not pretty sure if anyone will be interested to buy at those high prices. In US the iPhone is available with AT&T contract for $199 for 16GB model and $299 for 32GB model.

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