Watch, Download and Save HD YouTube Videos To iPod Libray With YourTube For iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Written By Sam on 7 September 2010

YourTube has been revamped and redesigned for iOS 4. The new version 2.0 to include many stability fixes, enhanced download speeds, improvised memory management and resolved iOS 4 sandbox issues. For those unaware of YourTube, it is an App for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that allows to download and save YouTube videos.

YourTube 2.0 allows you to watch, save as well as upload HD YouTube videos on to your iPhone or iPad’s iPod library. The feature to upload videos has been termed as “Gremlin”. Using YourTube, you can even import downloaded videos on to the library at an ease. All the iPad users can purchase YourTube 2.0 from Cydia Store at a price of $5 whereas all the iPhone owners have to await until the new iPhone version is released – which is not so far! If you had purchased YourTube v1.0 after July 1st then you are eligible for a free upgrade and if you brought it before July, you will get 80% discount which means the upgrade will cost you $1 only.

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