MooLux – Live-USB Linux Based on Slackware

Written By Sam on 22 July 2009

MooLux is a Linux based on Slackware which can be run directly from your USB drive. MooLux, Live-USB Linux, can also be installed to hard drive. The main objective of MooLux is to be simple with one-task-one-application, and a complete development setup with desktop environment such as KDE. MooLux 5.4 contains applications for Internet browsing, mail, chat, multimedia, office, games as well as for programming in C, Perl and Python.


MooLux 5.4 is the operating system which provides wide collection of useful software with Xwindow system and KDE. Moolux expands packages from slackware or other slackware 3rd party sites. Moolux has got a collection of small games which are meant just to enjoy the taste of real fun. MooLux is available in zip format. You need to extract the file to your USB Disk, run a command and boot your computer with first boot to USB Disk.

Features of MooLux

  • The latest version is based on Slackware 12.2 with kernel
  • KDE-3.5.10,
  • Kernel support Aufs, squashfs, squashfs-Izma and Bootsplash.
  • Includes Kaffeine Media Player-0.8.8 with Full Codecs from Mplayer.
  • Firefox-3.0.11 with Flashget, Thunderbird-, Pidgin-2.5.8 with gui.
  • K3B-1.0.5 Grsync-3.0.2, Gftp-2.0.18, ktorrent-2.2.7
  • gparted-0.3.8, Gslapt-0.4.0, gimp-2.4.6, qcomicbook-0.3.4,StarDict-3.0.1
  • Bluefish-1.0.7,kchmviewer-3.1.2, Supertux-0.1.3
  • Wlassistant-0.5.7, KDEBluetooth-1.0-Beta and many more.

Requirements: MooLux requires a minimum of 512MB of RAM, 1GB space to install Live Mode, 3GB linux partition space to install real mode. So give it a try and let us know more about it.

Download MooLux

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