Apple Launches iLife ’11, Available For Free with New Macs; Older Models Can be Upgraded for $49

Written By Sam on 22 October 2010

Incredible Photos with iPhoto’11, incredible movies with iMovie’11, Incredible sound with Garage Band’11… There is much to know about these, wait no longer, and read on to find out all that is to know about the brand new iLife’11 for OS X loaded on to every new Mac.

Let’s start with iPhoto’11. Now, it’s possible to do probably more with your pictures and photos than you could do previously or you ever thought was possible. So let’s find out all that’s new in iPhoto.

  • All New Full-screen Modes special feature allows you to browse, edit and share your photos while the photo itself stretches from edge to edge utilizing all the screen space available
  • Facebook Enhancement allows you to publish photos straight to your wall or existing album and comments can be seen on iPhoto
  • E-mailing Photos just got easier; all you do is open an album or photo, next Click on ‘Share Email’. Here iPhoto makes a template-like email with your photos in it. Now just enter the required email address and hit send
  • iPhoto works with most of the popular email services aroun
  • New Slideshows are refreshingly different with each picture centered and perfectly framed while animated themes with soundtracks make slide shows interesting.
  • Create professional looking books of great quality using your own photos as well as create letterpress cards with photos and text of your choice.

Next, it’s movie time with iMovie’11. This allows you to do many things with your otherwise mundane home videos.

  • Movie Trailer templates allow you to create trailers which are extremely interesting with fifteen different options
  • Audio Editing helps you control stuff like sound effects and music with extreme ease which is easy to edit as well as preview.
  • Visual Effects available at the click of a button in 12 variations
  • People finder, Sports and News themes and world premier are other interesting functions.

Now, to Garage Band’11. It’s amazing. It’s like a music studio that helps you learn playing instruments and writing music and recording songs as well.

  • Create songs that sound great with the help of tools like Flex Time and Groove Matching
  • There are a total of 12 Guitar amps as well as a set of 5 new Stomp Effect
  • It even checks your accuracy and rhythm and tells you about your progress
  • Learn the basics of the Piano and the Guitar with 40 odd lessons in various genres

iLife’11 is available free of cost with the new Mac. It’s also available for older models at a $49 upgrade. Those who recently purchased a Mac sans iLife ‘11 can pay $7 and avail of the new version.

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