Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager For Mac OS X

Written By Sam on 6 October 2009

Happy news for all BlackBerry users, BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac OS X is available from RIM. BlackBerry Desktop Manager allows all Mac users to connect their BlackBerry with their computer in order to synchronize it with Address Book, iCal and many more. It also includes BlackBerry Media Sync for synchronizing iTunes playlists or random mix of tunes or album art to your BlackBerry. Using this Blackberry desktop utility you can connect with your computer for media transfers.


BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac OS X offers removing and adding applications, programming automatic backups to the computer and most usefully you can load any of software and firmware updates onto the BlackBerry smartphone. The software also comes with necessary device drivers to turn you BlackBerry into a wireless broadband modem. You can also use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to transfer data between BlackBerry Smartphones, back up and restore information manually or automatically.

System Requirements for BlackBerry Desktop Manager (Mac OS)

Mac OS X v10.5.5 and above (Only 32-bit mode is supported on Mac OS X v10.6)
BlackBerry Device Software v4.2 or higher
iTunes v7.7.1 or later

Download BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac

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