Download Opera 10.50 Beta for Mac With Support for HTML5 Video Tags

Written By Sam on 26 February 2010

Great news for all the Mac users! Bringing in several new features to the web browser, Opera recently announced the “Opera 10.50 Beta” for Mac. Offering greater stability, Opera 10.50 beta features completely new JavaScript engine including support for HTML5 video tags, abilities to use widgets as standalone apps and multi-touch gestures (Wow!).

With the newly embedded JavaScript engine, Opera 10.50 beta runs web applications more smoothly as well as 8X times quickly than its predecessor, the Carakan engine. As per the reports, Opera 10.50 Beta tops WebKit and Chrome browsers and is 10% faster than the latest version of Safari. Though it is unclear whether Opera Beta 10.50 will available for the Apple’s products as of now, there is a possibility of this speedy browser being available for them too in the near future (You never know!).

Updates included in Opera 10.50 Beta

  • Amazing improvements in stability than the pre-alpha build.
  • Well polished user interface with Multi-touch capabilities.
  • Support for Opera Unite that allows users to browse as well as download unite apps using the Unite Apps Repository.
  • Support HTML5 Video tags
  • Support for utilization of Widgets as stand lone applications
  • New Developer Tools Menu

Known Issues of Opera 10.50 Beta

  • This Beta does not support PowerPC (PPC)
  • Java Support is minimal
  • Might possess performance related issues on Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger)
  • Issue regarding Widget keyboard and window.

Download Opera 10.50 Beta for Mac

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    heard this is really good but i dont know how to download it ? HELP(:

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