Mac OS X v10.6.2 Update Fixes Bugs in Mail, Fonts, MobileMe and Safari

Written By Sam on 10 November 2009

Apple has officially announced its second update for Snow Leopard, Mac OS X10.6.2. With many bug fixes along with enhancements in stability, compatibility, and security for the Mac OS environment, the second update for Snow Leopard weighs around 473MB download and is available as a direct download from Apple or via Software Update.

In the second version of Mac OS X 10.6.2, Apple has covered almost 58 documented vulnerabilities affecting the Mac OS X ecosystem. The operating system upgrade also features native support for the new multi-touch Magic Mouse. It also dropped other mega-patches for open source components like Apache and PHP along with the security holes in the QuickTime media player. Updated version of Mac OS X 10.6.2 also comes with a fix of guest account bug, which would have eventually wiped off all the user data.


According to Apple, the total list of included fixes in Mac OS X 10.6.2

General operating system fixes

  • Issue that caused data to be deleted when using a guest account
  • Issue that might cause your system to logout unexpectedly
  • Spotlight search results not showing Exchange contacts
  • Reliability of menu extras
  • Issue in Front Row that could cause sluggish or slow frame rates while watching videos
  • Issue in Dictionary when using Hebrew as the primary language
  • Shutter-click sound effect when taking a screenshot
  • Issue with the four-finger swipe gesture
  • Issue adding images to contacts in Address Book
  • Creation of mobile accounts for Active Directory users
  • Reliability and duration of VPN connections
  • General reliability improvements for iWork, iLife, Aperture, Final Cut Studio, MobileMe, and iDisk
  • Overall improvements to VoiceOver performance
  • This update addresses video playback and performance issues for iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2009) and iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) computers that may occur in some situations while AirPort is turned on

Fonts and Graphical fixes

  • Issue with font spacing and font duplication issues.
  • Issue with some PostScript Type 1 fonts not working properly
  • Issue when connecting monitors to DVI and Mini DisplayPort adapters
  • Issue in which the brightness setting may not be remembered on restart
  • Addresses functionality with specific display models
  • General reliability and performance improvements when using some applications

Mail fixes

  • Situation in which Mail’s unread count may not update properly as messages are read on another computer
  • Issue in which deleted RSS feeds may return
  • Issue in which Mail cannot preview or Quick Look attachments when composing a new message
  • Issue that can cause Address Book and/or Mail to stop responding when opened
  • Issue in which email messages received from an Exchange Server are not formatted correctly
  • Issue in which Mail reports “Account exceeded bandwidth limits” for some Gmail accounts

MobileMe fixes

  • Performance when accessing files from iDisk via the Finder and syncing iDisk files
  • Issue in which syncing iDisk files does not proceed beyond “checking items”
  • Reliability and performance when syncing contacts, calendars, and bookmarks with MobileMe (syncing with iTunes and iSync are also improved)
  • Issue that prevents some users from logging into MobileMe via the MobileMe System Preference pane

Network file systems fixes

  • Compatibility with third-party AFP servers
  • File synchronization for portable home directories

Printing and faxing fixes

  • Automatic printer updates improvements
  • Print dialog allowing you to enter and send to more than one fax recipient

Safari fixes

  • Graphics distortion issue in Safari Top Sites
  • Safari plug-in reliability

As we have stated earlier the latest update of Mac OS X v10.6.2 breaks Atom support.

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