5 Things You Need to Know Before and After Buying Google Nexus One

Written By Sam on 6 January 2010

There was lot of hype about the Google Nexus One and Google has finally announced about their latest Superphone – Google Nexus One. The best strategy that will work with Nexus One is that Google will be directly selling the mobile through the Google Phone Webstore. Google Nexus One is actually made by HTC but Google, will be selling it either with a contract or without a contract(unlocked). Below are few questions that many of friends or readers have asked me about the Google Nexus One Superphone.

5 Questions You Need to Read Before and After Buying Google Nexus One

What are the features of Google Nexus One Superphone?

The Nexus One runs on Android 2.1, a version of the platform’s Eclair software and is powered by a Snapdragon processor capable of speeds up to 1GHz. Nexus One features Voice-enabled keyboard for all text fields, Voice commands with an additional mic allowing for active noise cancellation. You can have Dynamic, interactive, live wallpapers that react to the touch of a finger. You can also have more widgets and 5 home screen panels allow for further device customization. The 5MP camera includes LED flash, auto focus, zoom, white balance and color effects. You can view pictures and Picasa Web Albums in the 3D Gallery. You can also record Hi-Res MPEG4 video and upload to YouTube in one click.

Will Google Nexus One Work With My SIM card?

If you have purchased the unlocked version of nexus One by shelling out $539, then it will work with any SIM card. The currently available unlocked Nexus One will recognize SIM cards from any mobile service provider using the GSM standard, but is incompatible with the frequency band used by the AT&T and Rogers networks for 3G data. The Nexus One is also incompatible with CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint. Nexus One supports four GSM radio frequencies (850/900/1800/1900) and three 3G/UMTS Bands – 1/4/8 (2100/AWS/900) which cover most major GSM mobile providers worldwide. So you can buy a Nexus One from US and use it India, Australia, China or else where.

What are the Nexus One Pricing Plans Available With T-Mobile?

If you are looking to buy a subsidized Nexus One from the Google Phone Webstore you need to opt for a T-Mobile US service plan. Below are the plans that you can choose while purchasing a Nexus One with a service plan.

  • Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for new customers: $179
  • Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for qualifying existing customers who are adding data plans: $279
  • Nexus One with new, 2-year T-Mobile US service plan for qualifying existing customers who are upgrading their data plans: $379

How Do I activate my Google Nexus One Phone?

To activate a ported phone number you have to sign in with the Google Account you used to place your order. If you have requested a new phone number with your carrier service and Nexus One phone then there is no need to activate your phone number. Your Nexus One will be active on delivery. If you have purchased an unlocked Nexus One Phone, you can just use any SIM card of your choice.

What are the Contact Numbers of HTC Customer Service for Nexus One Support and Repair?

United States (English): 1-888-216-4736
Hong Kong (English, 廣東話, 中文): +852-3520-1234
Singapore (English, 中文): 1-800-238-7788
United Kingdom (English): +44-845-890-0079

So if you have already got a Google Nexus One then don’t forget to share your experiences through the comment section.

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