SwiftKey Touchscreen Typing App For Android Phones Uses AI to Predict a Word Before You Type

Written By Sam on 27 September 2010

SwiftKey has shed off the beta tag for its keyboard app aimed at Google Android smartphones. Developed by London-based TouchType, the app promises to offer “unrivaled touchscreen typing experience” and comes with artificial intelligence (AI) technology that enables it to learn a user’s writing style to complete words and sentences for them. So, if you use your handset often to drum in e-mail or text messages, this app should come in handy as it is claimed to be intelligent enough to predict about a third of the words before a user can choose a single letter.

The developers seem gung ho about the app’s predictive text capability and are happy sharing how the app’s “uncanny ability” to guess the next word managed to trigger much positive response from users during its beta phase. They reveal that the key to the app is TouchType’s Fluency prediction engine, which uses new techniques to analyze loads of sentences of background text to understand how words combine. The technology can also learn from users’ message archives and their typing over time to provide eerily accurate personalization. The developers also claim it is the first keyboard to offer multiple-language prediction.

SwiftKey Features

  • Support for US/UK English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish
  • Unique next-word prediction engine based on word context
  • Rapid and comprehensive learning of individual writing style
  • Up to 50% greater text entry efficiency than other market solutions
  • A third of next words predicted without any character input
  • Relevant, personalized predictions
  • Ability to predict in two languages simultaneously
  • Advanced error correction designed for small mobile keyboards
  • Novel and intuitive user interface
  • Inline spelling and grammar correction
  • Automatic accent insertion (for non-English character entry)
  • Voice dictation support
  • Multi-touch support

The new app supports voice dictation and multi-touch, has a new keyboard layout including a numpad and arrow keys, and can make simultaneous predictions in two languages. As an introductory offer, TouchType is giving SwiftKey away for $0.99 for the next week on the Android Market. The regular price tag is a little over $3. A free trial version is also likely to become available next week.

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    This app looks great for typing. I am gonna try it. Thanks for the news.

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