Download Ubuntu Karmic Koala and Android 2.1 Builds For HTC HD2

Written By Sam on 6 July 2010

Windows Mobile handsets are losing ground slowly but we can spot Windows Handset running open sourced operating systems like Ubuntu or Android. HTC HD2 probably will be the last phone running on Windows Mobile, but as said before you have the flexibility to expand your HD2 by installing Ubuntu Karmic Koala or Android 2.1, the choice of the operating system is absolutely yours. One more thing to note here is that installing them is done at user’s risk. Since both of them do not touch Phone’s internal flash, users have the option to reset the phone to Windows Mobile.

Important point to note is that the current releases will not touch the phone internal flash. The files reside inside the storage card and consist of the changes effected in Linux. So you can press the red button under the battery cover which is the reset to return to the previous Windows Mobile OS. When the users attempt to boot Linux, all windows mobile running programs will be closed automatically, so it is always better to save your documents before you start running HaRET. 2.08 Radio RAM version is required to run this, in the event you have the older version you cannot boot Linux. Everything is still under work, so users cannot expect a perfect operating system.

Android Build for HTC HD2

Here you can extract to storage card root directory and start HaRET executable. Further, this is not exclusively designed for HD2, it is the HD2 kernel supported by random android root file systems.

Android build with HTC sense –

Ubuntu Build for HTC HD2

Ubuntu “Karmic Koala” for HD2 requires storage card with minimum of 2GB free space, however fast storage card is recommended. This can be used as netbook and also like desktop type setup along with keyboard and mouse which will be connected through USB. You can include Ubuntu directory to the main /root directory of your storage card and start HaRET executable. The password is “ubuntu” and to stop the system you can press the shutdown button.

Ubuntu ‘Karmic Koala’ for HD2 version 0.1 –

Download HaREt bootloader here –

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