FrostWire Launched on Android Market; Available as Free Download and Also as Paid App Using QR Code

Written By Sam on 28 October 2010

Months after its testing began back in June; FrostWire has now been officially launched on the Android market. So, what’s FrostWire? It’s an application, which enables its users to not only share files over the net among numerous users freely but also locally with a few friends on a private network. It could be thought of a service to share files in somewhat the same mould as Napster. There are many possible things to do with FrostWire. It not only lets you search and browse but also allows you to share files locally and over the internet, while using Wi-Fi in a P2P platform.

Key FrostWire features

  • One can search files, in as many as millions of devices
  • You could also browse the files of some of your peers if you wanted to
  • Download or offer files from others or your own too
  • You may publish files to social networks of your choice
  • Attach files and send them with your private messages
  • Continue to have complete control over all that you share
  • Browse your files and rename them too
  • It also does the required auto updates

The best part is that all this is possible in fewer than 400Kb.

Important tips:

  • After loading the app, it is advisable to go into Menu>Preferences and uncheck anything that you do not wish to share.
  • Disconnect and reconnect to ensure the settings stay on.

The price? The official website says:

“FrostWire for Android is absolutely free, paying for it is your choice.”

Available on all Android versions, Frostwire has been released as a free app through the official website and also as a paid app for $4.99 on the Android market (using the QR code below).

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