Here’s Why You Really Should Be Using a Case on Your Smartphone

Written By Sam on 27 July 2018

Apple spends more money than anyone else in the industry making their devices beautiful to behold. iDevice owners should enjoy their devices as art pieces even when the screens are off. That is why the following statistic from NPD comes as a surprise: Nearly 70 percent of non-case smartphone users are Android owners. To put it another way, the vast majority of iPhone owners slap those pristine works of art into a case the very first chance they get. They must know something that 1 in 4 smartphones users don’t. When people who have a strong incentive not to use a case are the ones who do by an overwhelming margin, we have to try to get inside of that fact and unpack what is driving it. If you are one of those tens of millions of people rocking a smartphone without it having the protection of a case, here are a few things you should consider:

Smartphones Are Fragile

If your toddler were to toss a roll of toilet paper across the room, nothing would happen to the toilet paper. If they chucked your unprotected iPhone 8 in a similar fashion, you would be headed to the Genius Bar. From your toddler’s perspective, there is no difference between the two items. That is just one of the many real-world scenarios that have led the majority of iPhone owners to buy products like BodyGuardz iPhone 8 cases. They have toddlers: a natural disaster not covered by insurance. “Act of God” is one thing. “Act of Baby” is quite another. Unexpected things happen all the time. When your iPhone is without a case, it is a magnet for the unexpected. When the unexpected meets somethings pensive and fragile, the results are never good.

Smartphones Are Used for Active Gaming

iPhone fun and games used to mean 5 minutes of casual swiping while passing the time in a waiting room. Today, it can mean anything from swinging your smartphone around like a lightsaber to dodging traffic trying to catch that elusive Pokemon. There is a whole bunch of games that turn the iPhone into a game controller for Apple TV gaming. You might be using that phone to simulate a bowling motion, or spiking a ping-pong ball. Without a third-party, special case, there is nothing keeping that $1,000 game controller from flying out of your hand. A case is a must when your smartphone doubles as your arcade.

Smartphones are Used in Challenging Situations

People are conducting business on their smartphone that was once only done on a desktop in the office. And they are doing that business while in line at the coffee shop, sanding on the train, and walking down 5th Ave. They are conducting multi-million dollar transactions with one hand, while in motion, without watching where they are going. This is just one of the reasons why Apple Stores are always full. Every other phone you see in the world has a cracked screen. That is because people wield them for important uses in precarious situations. You may not need a case for your phone, but only if you do not use it out in the world.

Smartphones are Necessities, Not Luxuries

When your smartphone is out of commission, your world comes to a screeching halt. That is because smartphones are no longer mere luxuries. They are necessities. We buy battery packs and extra charges because we are paralyzed by the thought of being stuck with a dead phone before the day comes to an end. The smartphone is the news report when we get up, and music player, and turn-by-turn directions, and company email, and team chat, and entertainment center, and communications between work, family, and friends, an emergency alert system, and, and, and… You get the idea. You are certainly going to lose some of the aesthetic value of a museum-worthy piece of industrial art when you put a case on it. But case makers are also artists. In addition, they help you overcome the fact that smartphones are fragile. Smartphones are used in challenging situations. And smartphones are necessities you don’t want to live without even for a moment.

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