HTC’s Leaked Roadmap Relveals Latest Android and Windows 6.5 Based Mobiles

Written By Sam on 8 December 2009

The Q1-Q2 2010 Portfolio of HTC smart phones have been revealed in Vienna and according to the leaked information it seems that HTC will introduce exciting smartphones with different form factors and new experiences in the first half of 2010. As per the leaflet, HTC categorizes these smart phones into four segments, which includes Design or the Lifestyle, social, performance and the productivity. The most anticipated Smart phones “Legend” , “Salsa” , “Tide”, “Buzz”, “Bravo”, “Photon”, “Trophy” and “Tera” from HTC will be hopefully available in the market by June 2010. HTC Tera, Trophy, and the Photon are Windows 6.5 OS based and rest being Android.

Here are few leaked insights of these enthralling smartphones for all those eagerly waiting get one.

Bravo: iPhone Killer and the most awaited hero model of HTC, the HTC Bravo arriving April 2010, comes with fantastic style, design along with exceptional specifications and characteristics. It will mostly follow the strides of Leo(HD2) equipped with the Snapdragon QSD 8250 1GHz CPU, HD 720p Video capture, 3.7″ WVGA screen, 256 / 512KB RAM with 16GB MicroSD card in-box, and 1400mAh battery capacity. With huge bright screen, high definition recording and great performance, HTC Bravo is sure to be a good competitor to Rachael X10i SE.

HTC's Leaked Roadmap Relveals Latest Android and Windows 6.5 Based Mobiles

Legend: “Legend”, an absolutely stylish, sleek smartphone with metallic cover is the ancestor of the most successful Android device, along with “Magic“, the “HTC Hero” is to hit the market in March 2010. With a cool metallic design with a frame of 11.4mm it also features HTC Sense and a central bottom clickable Optical Mouse for easy navigation like with Magic and Hero and of course Android OS.

Buzz: “Buzz” seems to be like being the ancestor of HTC Tattoo. It offers a vide variety of covers change by providing full different colored covers for all those who would love to use different phones. Android based with a huge 3.2″ screen, 5 Mega Pixel Camera Buzz comes in an attracting design and will be hopefully available in the market from May 2010. Buzz has application sharing, Google mobile services, G-Sensor, 3.5mm audio jack and many other features included in it.

Tide: For those who take pleasure using a touch experience along with a QWERTY keypad, arriving in April 2010, the Android based “HTC Tide” is a best choice. It fully supports all well-known Social Networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, Plurk, etc and is great for social networking. It also supports IM capabilities and access to photo albums of friends through pre-installed application Flickr.

Trophy: Another Windows Mobile 6.5 OS based, touch screen phone with QWERTY keypad, named, as “Trophy” will be available in the market in May 2010. With elegant design, it also features 3.0″ VGA screen, 5MP Camera, 1400mAh battery capacity.

Salsa: Android based “HTC Salsa” coming in a sleek design of 8.6 mm is another touch screen with a 4-row QWERTY keypad. It features 2.6 inch QVGA flat touch screen with 3.2 megapixel camera and many special features like Ambient light sensor, social networking capabilities and Friendstream built-in. Salsa will be available in the market by June 2010.

Tera: Looking much similar to the HTC Touch Pro2, the HTC Tera features a slide-up full QWERTY keypad. Tera works on Windows Mobile 6.5 OS and has 3.2MP Camera, 256RAM along with a batter capacity of 1300mAh. With not much new features included, Tera may be a medium consuming device.

HTC’s 2010 lineup revealed

Trophy: Last but not the least “HTC Trophy”, another Windows Mobile 6.5 OS will be available in the market from May 2010. It is a slim phone of 11mm and will offer a touch phone with QWERTY keypad, 3.0″ VGA capacitive touch screen, 5MP Camera with auto focus, huge battery capacity of 1400mAh. It contains special features like super search, Business card scanner, straight Talk lite, People TouchFLO 3D.

We have to wait until these wonderful smartphones make their way to the market in the first half of 2010.

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  1. ravi says:

    i agree bravo is the iphone killer

  2. Art says:

    These new offerings from HTC are well received. I am a big fan of HTC. I like the feel of the phones and navigation features. It seems that these newer phones with the Android features are going to be good competition for the IPhone. I came close to giving up my old HTC phone for a IPhone, but now there are a few HTC phones worth upgrading too. Thank you for the post. I enjoyed reading about the newer phones.

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