Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta and Preview Devices for Developers

Written By Sam on 18 July 2010

Expanding the horizons of development for all the coding intellects, Microsoft announced the much-awaited Windows Phone Developer Tools that would enable developing applications and games for Windows Phone 7 Devices. Microsoft also declared that the WP7 devices might hit the market by the end of this year and the pre-production preview of Windows Phone 7 handsets will be made available for all the developers.

Many of the coding enthusiasts have already started working on the WP7 devices, and recently two high school students won Windows Phone Rockstar contest by developing an enticing application called Droid Assault for the WP7 handset. Widely embracing the developer community, WP7 development tool kit incorporates a series of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) that would be helpful in developing most awe-striking apps.

WP7 handsets might include a custom Silverlight-based productivity application that allows users to switch between dashboard, sales, and marketing screens with a finger swipe. Rumors also indicate that there would be a $5.6 billion market opportunity for Microsoft partners who integrate SharePoint Workspace collaboration software with a WP7 client. If this is true, then WP7 is certainly a praiseworthy enhancement from Microsoft.

Microsoft’s Updates Regarding WP7 and WP7 Development Tools

  • Windows Phone Developer Tools Beta contains an integrated Blend called – Microsoft Expression
  • Unlocking Windows Phone 7 device for development possible through – Developer Registration Utility
  • Direct deployment of XAP files through XAP Deployment Tool
  • Windows Phone 7 API
  • Includes many Additional Controls
  • Silverlight for Windows Phone control templates

Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools Beta

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