Microsoft Zune Desktop App to Sync Windows Phone 7 Mobiles Coming Soon!

Written By Sam on 22 September 2010

Microsoft is now debuting its Zune Desktop software that is expected to compete with iTunes ahead of its expected Windows phone 7 launch to a much larger Audience. According to the Microsoft Website, Zune software is an all-purpose digital media player for your computer. It can be used with a Zune Pass to download music, movies, and more at the Zune website. Microsoft will also expand the Zune Pass to UK, France, Italy, and Spain at the first instance.

iTunes is a very popular desktop application that syncs iPhone, iPod, iPad and other apple devices. iTunes is also associated with the Apple iTunes store where one can buy a myriad of consumer items like music, video, iPhone applications, TV shows and so on online. Similar to the iTunes, the Zune desktop from Microsoft is expected to sync the upcoming windows 7 phones and would also be associated with the Zune Marketplace for purchasing music, movies and TV shows. This software would be available in more than 20 countries this fall.

With this news, it becomes clear that the launch of the windows 7 phone is imminent and near. The iTunes has been a popular application on both MAC OS X and Windows PC. Whether the Zune desktop application would equally be as successful depends on a lot of factors. One of which is that the iTunes is a good media player for music and videos. The Zune desktop would have to triumph as a media player to adequately compete with iTunes, as well as still being adept at its primary purpose which is syncing windows products. Other-must-excel areas is for it to also have a well integrated marketplace for apps and media as well as a good and healthy windows phone 7 sales.

For the Zune Desktop to become as popular as the iTunes player, the windows marketplace for media and apps and ultimately Windows Phone 7 sales need to be spectacular and equally popular.

This is a guest post by Ovie Albert

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