Huawei Hangout and Android Series Mobiles – Huawei U8300, Huawei U8500, Huawei U9130 and Huawei C5600

Written By Sam on 8 September 2010

Huawei Technologies launched two new series in India – Huawei Hangout series and Huawei Android series. Targeted at young Indians,adults and professionals, Hangout series to include social networking sites and Android series to be based on Android Platform. Devices in Hangout series include Huawei U9130 and Huawei C5600 whereas the devices launched in the Android series include Huawei U8300 and Huawei U8500. Below are the features of these handsets at sneak peak.

Huawei C5600

Targeted at youth, Huawei C5600 is a CDMA phone that enables users to switch between any available CDMA networks using Open Market Handset (OMH) platform. This phone includes many social networking sites in order to encaptivate young generation.

Huawei U9130

As the name of the series indicates, Huawei designed this phone especially for younger generation who spend half of their time in interacting with their friends. A 2.4-inch phone, Huawei U9130 comes with a QWERTY keyboard. Supporting GSM and 3G network, U9130 supports HSDPA, GPRS and EDGE for internet connectivity. Features of Huawei U9130 include WAP 2.0 browser, A-GPS for navigation, Bluetooth 2.0 and support for USB. Huawei U9130 also provides access to the social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can even check your emails at an ease.

Huawei U8300

Running on powerful Android Platform, Huawei U8300 is one amongst the cheapest Android phones available now in the Indian market. Features of U8300 include QWERTY keypad, Touch screen display, 3.15 megapixel camera with LED flash, connectivity support thru GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 and USB 2.0.

Huawei U8500

Huawei U8500 includes a 3.2-inch touchscreen display along with an optional track pad. Running on Android OS, this phone is 3G enabled. You can easily access social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter thru this handset.

Though the prices and availability date are not yet clear, we expect these handsets to be available very soon and will be more successful following the grandeur of Huawei’s early handsets.

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