MeeGo to be Available Soon for Nokia N900 Through Dual-Booting Along With Maemo

Written By Sam on 15 October 2010

Nokia has finally kept the promise it made far back in March when it promised that there will be a dual-boot solution for their Maemo Smartphone, N900. Even though it has taken almost ages there is now a guarantee that users of N900 can dual-boot from Maemo to Meego on their device once the firmware is available from Nokia. The Finnish company’s developers are almost complete in porting MeeGo to the QWERTY slider and they promise to release it to the general public in a few days.

Although you have to install this firmware when available with caution if you own an N900 that is, because there’s quite a difference between offering users the option of dual-booting and actually supporting the dual-booting process itself, which Nokia isn’t doing. This means that it would be like try-at-your-own-risk because Nokia would not be committed to provide extensive support to the firmware officially but they are likely to release updates or fix bugs.

There was no mention of the exact date on the PR 1.3 update but we will feel comfortable to say that it is “quite close now”, at least so says the Meego Development Team.

This is a guest post by Afewgoodmen Ovie-Albert

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