Palm Mansion Slated for Release by 2011; Likely to Feature 5-inch WVGA Screen, WebOS 2.0

Written By Sam on 23 November 2010

The news that HP, the company that acquired Palm in April 2010, will release a smartphone the Palm Mansion early 2011, might be welcome for Palm lovers who eagerly await the new and updated version of the device likely to be powered by next generation WebOS 2.0.

The news is that the Palm Mansion features a 5-inch WVGA screen with a resolution of 800×400 an extra inch over the conventional 4-inch screens usual for such instruments. This will be positioned as a hybrid device bridging the gap between a smartphone and a larger tablet. This device is expected to be enhanced with a number of features, carries out multitasking effortlessly since it will tot the upgraded WebOS 2.0. This release is expected to directly compete with the Streak from Dell powered by Android OS. HP is also banking on the Palm Mansion to boost sales and capture a major portion of the market share for this segment.

Intending buyers might get confused with the choices now available since HP will also offer the Palm Pad with the same WebOS 2.0 operating system and the HP Slate which runs on Windows 7. Some buyers might prefer the Slate over the Palm since Windows 7 is something they are familiar with.

It portends to be a wait and watch situation. Whether the 5-inch display proves to be the high point of this device or not will be proven by the sales figures. The Palm Pre with the same WebOS2.0 featured a smaller screen and did not meet with the anticipated success which presumably led to the development of the Mansion with the enhanced screen.

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