Sony Ericsson Unveils LiveView, A Bluetooth Accessory To Remote Control Android Phones

Written By Sam on 29 September 2010

Sony Ericsson has announced LiveView, a 1.3-inch OLED screen with remote control functionality that mirrors the activities of your mobile phone. It is an accessory that uses Bluetooth connectivity to wirelessly pair up to a compatible handset and allows consumers to control the phone without taking it out of their pocket or handbag. So, reading text messages, keeping track of incoming calls and keeping abreast with the latest on Facebook and Twitter is expected to be more convenient with this tiny device. The device can be conveniently attached in a watch strap, on a keychain or clipped to a laptop.

With LiveView, you can control music features of the handset from the micro display, selecting tracks and controlling volume. Also thrown in are features like a calendar reminder, an event display and other phone applications.

LiveView is reported to be the first Sony Ericsson accessory to be compatible with the open Android platform that gives developers an opportunity to develop and enhance the application. The micro display will be available in stores from Q4, 2010.

In related news, Sony Ericsson has informed that LiveView will also be available in one of the Sony Ericsson Experience Packs. Such packages include mobile phone applications, accessories, services and so on. The first Sony Ericsson Experience Pack is likely to be available in selected markets in Q4.

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